Standard live baccarat:-
Here you’ve got your Banker, Player and Tie bets and pretty much it. Dealt on a multi-player table just like at a normal bricks and mortar casino.  Offered by all casinos listed on this site.

Mini baccarat or Punto Banco:-
Cut down table format that presents as just a single seated table.  Typically just the Player, Banker and Tie bets as above.  Offered at most of the casinos listed on this site, including dublinbet and

In running:-
Take your standard Banker, Player or Tie bets and/or optional in-running bets offered after each card is dealt.  Payouts are automatically calculated as the cards come out.  Not a game for baccarat novices and plenty of action during each round.

Available at bet365, 21 Nova

Pairs or Luck Pairs:-
In addition to standard Banker, Player, Tie bets, in this game you have optional side bets on whether pairs will be dealt to the player and/or banker.  Odds (typically 11:1) are paid out on pairs bets, and longer odds offered for 2 way (both a Banker and Player pair) or 3 way bets (Banker pair, Player pair and a Banker/Player Tie).

Available at:, Unibet

Just as the name suggests, this game gives you an optional side bet that can win you the progressive jackpot that is constantly ticking over.  A bet on a Player suited Ace and 8, and a Banker suited Ace and 8 will win the progressive jackpot (if dealt of course).  Other amounts are paid out on the jackpot side bet for other various hand combinations.

Available at: bet365

Dragon Bonus:-
This game gives you a bunch of side bets on the deal outcome, all at varying odds.  A Non-natural hand win by 7 Points for example pays 6:1.

Available at: Royal Vegas, Bodog 88

Zero Commission:-
No Vigorish (commission) taken from the Banker bet payout.  Instead a Banker hand win where Banker totals 8, pays 1:2 instead of the usual 1:1.

Available at: Royal Vegas

And that pretty much covers currently available playing options.  For a far more details discussion of these games, visit’s live baccarat variations page

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