Why live?

Posted by admin | Feb 8, 2010 | Comments Off

Why not?  If you play baccarat online then the question becomes,

- do you prefer being dealt cards that are computer generated and random number generator dictated? or
- do you prefer being dealt real cards by a real dealer?

    The only limitation to live gaming and your ability to effectively play it is your internet connection speed.  Remember, live baccarat involves a real-time video feed of the dealer/game streamed to your PC.  It is not a recorded video file that you wait to load and then play (like Youtube etc).  Therefore, for clear, smooth vision your internet connection speed has to be up to scratch.  Anything above 1 Mbps is fine in this regard.

    Aside from this limitation, there really is no area where RNG baccarat is better to play than live.  The games are played at roughly the same speed (while live blackjack can at times be slow on multi-player tables, this isn’t really an issue for baccarat) and the game interfaces are just as feature rich and intuitive as their RNG counterparts. In fact, with the added dimension of a real person dealing the cards, live baccarat games allow you to chat to the dealer, adding functionality and a human aspect to the game that is just not possible with the older RNG baccarat games.

    At the end of the day, if you’re seeking out an online baccarat option that comes as close as possible to the real thing (ie sitting in a bricks and mortar casino) then live is a quantum leap from traditional online baccarat.

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